Wet Sock Therapy


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Wet socks, yay! Everyone loves wet socks!

Ok, sarcasm aside, I am about to blow your mind with the usefulness of wet socks. They are an amazing therapy for any kind of upper respiratory infection, but especially ones with a fever or congestion. Wet sock therapy is safe to use for almost everyone. Babies and children will often fall asleep and sleep deeply with the wet socks on. People with neuropathy, diabetes, or other conditions affecting sensitivity of the feet should exercise caution, especially in regards to temperature of the hot water.

To perform wet sock therapy you’ll need a two pairs of socks: a plain cotton pair, and a thick wool pair.

  1. Warm your feet up, either by soaking in a tub of warm water, or rubbing. If they’re already warm you’re good to go.
  2. Take a pair of plain cotton socks, and soak them in cold water. Wring them out thoroughly and put them on your bare feet.
  3. Take the wool pair and put them on over the cotton pair, so you are now wearing 2 pairs of socks.
  4. Go to bed and rest for at least 4 hours. Your feet should begin to warm and dry within 30 minutes, with noticeable decrease in respiratory congestion. In a few hours, your socks will be dry and your feet toasty warm, and your symptoms much improved.

I hope this trick helps you feel better if you come down with a cold this winter! As usual, this blog is for general health information only, and does not constitute personalized medical advice. For personalized recommendations for preventing and treating colds and flu, please make an appointment for a Botanical Medicine Consult or Naturopathic Care.

Happy Healing,

Dr. Tremblay

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