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Private Virtual Health Consulting

Dr. Tremblay has helped many people reclaim their health and get back to feeling good in their body again! Our health is our foundation, but it's also our ceiling. What would your life be like if you woke up every day feeling good with the body you have now, instead of missing the one you had in your 20's? 

These customized packages include comprehensive functional laboratory testing and twice monthly appointments to keep us closely connected during your healing journey. 

Packages may include: 

  • Digest Your Best: a 3 month focus on digestive health
  • Mind and Mood: a 3 month focus on hormonal and neuronal function
  • Free and Clear: a 3 month focus on detoxification
  • Chronic Wellness: an 8 month focus on leveling up your health in a big way
  • Custom: set up a meet and greet and let's talk about how we can partner on meeting your health goals

These packages are very customizable to your needs! Not sure where to start? Schedule a meet and greet, and let's chat


Welcome to Wellness Health Reset

Looking to get back on track with your health goals? You are not alone in this! Dr. Tremblay created this course after watching client after client struggle to implement lifestyle changes to create their healthiest self.

This self-guided virtual course takes you on a ten week journey of health discovery. You'll learn about the most important health habits for transforming your well-being, and how to successfully integrate them.

Health and wellness are possible! 

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Welcome to Wellness Community

Currently At Capacity

Join a community of like-minded health seekers!

We are our healthiest and happiest when we're surrounded by people who lovingly encourage us to be our best! This small, private group is a place to connect, create, and support each other on our paths to living healthier, happier, and more meaningful lives.

Membership includes: private group access; virtual twice monthly group office hours with Dr. Alicia Tremblay; and exclusive group content.

Join us!