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15 minute Meet and Greet ($5)

This appointment is a great opportunity to learn about Dr. Tremblay’s approach to medicine and healing. This visit may be in person or over the phone. Please note, personalized medical advice will not be given at this appointment. Fees for this appointment are deducted from the New Patient Package if you choose to schedule at the meet and greet.


Naturopathic Care New Patient Package: $450

  • What’s included: pre-appointment questionnaire and review, two office appointments, and comprehensive naturopathic treatment plan. 
  • Before your first appointment:
    • We’ll provide an in-depth questionnaire to learn more about you, your health history, and health goals.
    • Dr. Tremblay will review your in-depth questionnaire.
    • We’ll also set up an online patient account for you. This will include a HIPPA compliant messenger service so we can discuss any post visit questions securely and privately. After your second appointment, you will be able to login and see your treatment plan and lab results at your leisure.
  • Your first appointment:
    • We’ll discuss your pre-visit questionnaire, and go over any additional documents you have brought with you, such as previous lab results from the last year. A physical exam may be performed if needed.  We’ll discuss which functional labs may be helpful to provide information on treating the cause of your illness and restoring your health.
    • You’ll be given any materials needed to perform any at home labs (stool or urine collection).
    • You’ll receive a follow up message through the secure messenger service when your lab results are in with a reminder to schedule your second visit, if you haven’t already done so.
  • Your second appointment:
    • Dr. Tremblay will review your lab results with you, with time available for questions and clarifications.
    • We’ll discuss a plan of action to help you achieve your treatment goals.
    • We’ll set up an account for you at our online dispensary, so you will easily be able to order any prescribed, therapeutic quality, medical grade supplements.
    • After this visit, you will have online access to your lab results and treatment plan through the secure patient portal.  The New Patient package also includes free, secure, unlimited, follow up messaging for one week for questions related to your treatment plan.
  • The small print: deep healing requires significant time and energy commitment by the provider and the patient.  Long standing chronic or autoimmune conditions will typically require monthly visits for at least 3-6 months. This service begins as an in-office 2 visit package as described above. The second visit must be scheduled within 60 days of the first visit to maintain continuity of care in addressing new patient health needs. Failure to schedule a returning visit within 60 days may result in loss of second visit or additional fees at follow up visits. There are no refunds for this 2 visit package after the first visit has been completed. As this is very focused specialty naturopathic care, all patients are required to maintain relationship with a primary care provider for annual screening preventative exams and acute condition treatment. Lab work and functional testing is not included in visit pricing, and is priced according to the sole discretion of the lab doing the analysis. Your insurance may or may not cover the laboratory fees, and it is best to check with your personal insurance carrier for more information. You will be provided with pricing for lab information prior to ordering as needed.

Returning Patient Visit ($150):

  • Virtual or in-office visit to follow up on treatment plan and healing process, or to discuss a new health concern.
  • Please note: virtual visits are by patient request only and do not qualify for insurance reimbursement.