Meal Plan: 2/5/2018


Good morning! Usually for meal plan Mondays I write about dinner ideas for the week, but today I am going to take a break from that to discuss healthy breakfasts. The first meal of the day is an important one.  And we set the bar pretty high with what we ask of it: low sugar, nutrient rich, filling but not too heavy, easy to eat when breaking the nightly fast, and quick to prepare on a busy week day morning. That’s a tall order! Here are some things that I have found helpful for filling a tall order breakfast, with recipes following.

First, pick recipes that make ahead easily or don’t need much attention. Some examples include having a tupperware of pre-chopped veggies in the fridge for a scramble, or grains that are soaked overnight or cooked in a rice cooker while attending to the rest of the morning routine.

Second, pick things that travel well. Not everyone likes to eat breakfast right away, and sometimes it’s easier to nibble on something throughout the morning. My favorites for these kinds of meals are smoothies and wraps (especially veggie scramble stuffed ones). Smoothies can get very sweet and sugary easily, so make sure you are balancing with greens, healthy oils (flax, fish), nuts, seeds, and protein powder.

Third, if you find you have to pick something up on the way, know your healthy options ahead of time and go in with a plan. Most fast food places and coffee shops have healthier choices, and if we go in with a plan of what to order we are less likely to impulse buy the venti-diabetes-in-a-cup with a donut on the side.

Here are some examples of my favorite recipes for healthy breakfast items! As usual, you may need to adjust the recipes for the number of people in your household. Please note, this blog post is not a personal nutrition prescription, just a general discussion of one way of eating healthy.  Enjoy!

Happy eating,

Dr. Tremblay

1: Overnight oatmeal individual jars
2: Green smoothie
3: Veggie egg fritata, page 114
4: Basic egg vegetable scramble, my favorite veggie combo is broccoli, zucchini, and leeks, but you can do whatever you want!
5: Family sized oatmeal bake

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