Dr. Tremblay's primary clinical focus is in helping people to restore function of their physical bodies with deep understanding of their unique health needs and supportive botanical, nutrition and lifestyle therapies. Dr. Tremblay has had energetically sensitive clients report improved clarity and grounding, and a sense of being more fully embodied when their physical bodies are in healthy alignment with their soul's purpose.

Some of these terms refer to a medical provider’s training, some of them refer to how the medical provider practices, and some refer to both.

Conventional and naturopathic refer to the training and practice of the physician. Both attend 4 year, accredited medical schools. Conventional practitioners are licensed physicians that earned an MD degree and practice traditional, pharmaceutical based medicine, typically within the insurance model to alleviate symptoms of disease. Naturopathic practitioners are licensed physicians that earned an ND degree and practice with a variety of tools to address the underlying cause of a person’s symptoms, restore vitality, and prevent future illness. Some ND’s work within the insurance model and some are direct pay.

Integrative is a term that can be used by any health care provider, conventional and naturopathic, and it typically means the provider sees themselves as part of a patient’s health care team that may include MD’s, ND’s, specialists, chiropractors, counselors, and other health and wellness practitioners. The practitioner also uses both pharmaceutical and holistic or natural tools in practice, depending on patient need.

Holistic or Natural are terms that can be used by any health care provider, and are generally used to describe the non-pharmaceutical tools the practitioner uses in practice. This can include dietary changes, nutritional supplements, energy work, botanical medicines, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and physical medicine.

Functional is a term that can be used by any health care practitioner, and refers to the philosophic and diagnostic approach to practicing medicine. Functional medicine practitioners use specialized labs to identify the biological source of dysfunction in the body organs, and prefer to treat with diet, nutrient, and lifestyle interventions.

Dr. Tremblay is a naturopathic physician by training. Dr. Tremblay recommends nutrition, lifestyle changes, and holistic therapies, because she knows that these tools are enough to stimulate the body’s own healing response while reducing dependency on pharmaceutical medications. Dr. Tremblay utilizes functional laboratory testing she believes it is a superior diagnostic technique for understanding the root cause of illness in the body, and that clients experience faster results and more complete healing when we understand what is causing the symptoms we experience.

For your initial consultation, make sure to finish your intake questionnaire at least 24 hours before your visit. Complete your labs as soon as possible. Before follow-up visits, make sure to fill out your weekly check-in report, and take a few moments to jot down your questions. Dr. Tremblay will ask at the beginning of each visit if you have things you want to make sure are discussed, and this is a good time to mention the notes you have jotted down. Schedule your follow up appointments promptly to stay on track with your healing plan and reserve your ideal visit time.

Although Dr. Tremblay is a licensed naturopathic physician in Washington state, she sees the best results by serving her clients as an independent personal functional health consultant. Dr. Alicia Tremblay refers clients to their primary care practitioner for disease treatment and pharmaceutical prescription management within the current medical paradigm and insurance based health care system.  

There is no fee for appointments cancelled with minimum 36 hours notice using the online scheduling service or by phone.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed a $50 cancellation fee. No shows without cancellation notice will be billed a $100 fee.