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Natural Treatments for Spring Allergies

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and ah…ah…ah… choo! Environmental allergies are also back. When a person is having an allergic response to pollen, it means the cells of their immune system have identified pollen as a pathogen and are releasing antibodies and histamine to help deal with the invader. This makes us…

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Cold day? Warm spice.

Brrrr! These winter days can be very chilly! There are plenty of warming spices to help ward off winter’s chill, and you likely already have many of them in with your other kitchen spices. Keep reading for some home remedies for warming up on cold days! But first, what do I mean when I say…

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Green Cleaning

Many commonly sold cleaning products contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions, poison the nervous system, disrupt endocrine function and damage vision. These are not things you want to use in places you spend a lot of time! Fortunately there are many products that can be used to clean your home and don’t harm your health.…

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