Essential Oils Safety

I love, love, love essential oils. They smell wonderful and are a great tool for supporting wellness. The most common methods for using them include topical application, inhalation, and internal use. What is an essential oil? Essential oils are the volatile oil distillates of plants. They are extremely concentrated, potent extractions of the oil soluble…

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Tea: infusions and decoctions

Tea is a wonderful beverage, but did you know it can be medicine too? Whether you are drinking traditional teas made from Camellia sinensis, or enjoying an herbal tea, these beverages can improve your health, promote wellness, and help heal you when you’re sick. Teas made from Camellia sinensis, include green, black, white, and oolong…

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Spring Nettles

Spring has sprung in the valley! Some people would argue that it has been spring for a few weeks, while others would say that it won’t start for a few more days, but for me it is officially spring when the first nettles raise their stalks from the leaf littered soil of the forest floor…

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